IKOME | Steinbeis Mediation publishes "The Mediation“, the first international journal by practitioners for practitioners

The most popular mediation magazin in Germany publishes the first magazine for mediation worldwide, which sees itself not as a scientific but as a practice-oriented professional medium for the broad field of conflict resolution.

"Internationally, mainly titles are published that intend to look at mediation from a scientific perspective. We want to consciously set ourselves apart from them with our new magazine. Our magazine is written by practitioners for practitioners and deals exclusively with topics that are useful for mediators in their everyday work,“ emphasizes the editor Prof. Dr. Gernot Barth.

In addition to the main topic, impulses, methods, legal basics and online conflict resolution are fixed sections of the new trade journal.
By emphasizing legal aspects, the editorial team takes into account the fact that internationally many mediators work as lawyers. By highlighting online conflict resolution, the medium serves the growing trend towards digital mediation.
The mixture goes down very well with the addressees.
"We have received enthusiastic responses from mediators around the world to our pilot edition, which was published in 2022.
The consistently positive response has prompted us to go on the market with our paper immediately,“ underlines the editor-in-chief Jonathan Barth.

The new professional journal with the name "The Mediation" will be published once a year with up to 100 pages as an online-only edition at a price of 20 euros. All articles are written in English. The target audience is mediators worldwide. The journal is available via the app "The Mediation" and as PDF on the website https://www.die-mediation.de/. It can be purchased as a single issue or by subscription. The first issue’s main topic is Europe and the Ukraine war.

IKOME | Steinbeis Mediation has been engaged in national and international mediation for more than 20 years. The company has internationally made a name for itself as the organizer of highly acclaimed professional conferences for mediators working worldwide in Berlin, Florence, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Warsaw. In March 2023, this format took place for the first time as an online conference with more than 400 participants around the globe.
IKOME | Steinbeis Mediation is also involved in projects funded by the European Union for the further development of cross-border mediation. In the following year, the company will also offer for the first time a training course to become an international mediator.

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